First Day in Casablanca

Guest Post by Katy Dickinson

TechWomen with Association MOUASSAT

The TechWomen delegation in Morocco had a full and interesting day today in Casablanca and Mohammedia. Our day started early, so we got to watch produce being sold in the neighborhoods from tiltcarts. It is surprising to see sheep, cows, horses, and donkeys grazing and wandering around on city streets. We had one herd of sheep cross the freeway in front of our bus – with the shepherd throwing smalls stones at the last sheep while he caught the one which was refusing to cross.

We visited the Association MOUASSAT (Nonprofit of Equality) which supports poor widows and their children. It seems that the high number of traffic fatalities leads Morocco to have many widows. We then met the leadership and faculty of the Universite Mohammedia Hassan II and we gave presentations on technical workflow management, and using and contributing to Open Source. After lunch with the faculty, we visited and traded presentations at the Galilee-Vivaldi girls College and Lycee. I just got back to the hotel from a lavish and delightful family dinner at the home of one of the TechWomen mentees. An amazing and inspiring day.

Tomorrow, the TechWomen are being hosted for dinner by Huawei in Rabat after a day of meetings and presentations.

TechWomen DinnerDonkeys in CasablancaTechWomen DinnerMeeting with women from Association MOUASSAT

Images Copyright 2011 Katy Dickinson


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