Turning Dreams into Reality

Guest Post by Fabiola Addamo

With Children in Orphanage“Bonjour, my name is Fabiola, a Techwomen mentor and a Yahoo!” – this is how I have been introducing myself during the latest Techwomen visits at local Moroccan universities, schools and various women entrepreneurial associations. I have been Fabiola since birth, and a Yahoo! employee by choice for the last 4 yrs. In 2011 a persistent inner voice lead me to become a Techwomen mentor.

The last week has been an amazing experience because I have been surrounded by
women who are professionally competent, confident and incredibly inspiring.
Taghrid, Mimi and myself lead a panel discussion at ENSA (National School of
Applied Science) about Tech Careers for Women just a few days ago. I learned
that sharing a personal career view on cultural uniqueness, opportunities and
integrity can be quite powerful. Sharing career experiences (failures, successes and challenges) is an inspiration to others because unlocks what I call ” the eye of a dreamer “.

I dream all the time and I dream so much that I even learned to paint my dreams, all of my career and life dreams. I usually ask coworkers – “do you have a dream”? You must first create a thought (your dream), then share it (vocalize it) and finally execute it. And this is probably a romantic view of life, but it works for me. In 2001 I came to the U.S. and from a girl who served pastries and cappuccinos for a living I made myself into a
sharp business woman and a proud American citizen. Dreams take you far in your career because you follow one truth, that is the fire of your inner passion (unbeatable). In my opinion, Techwomen is a program that unlocks opportunities to technical women who have the “eye of a dreamer” . In the last 5 days I have attended visits to the Association of Mouassat, met the AFEM women, hugged orphans and girls in boarding schools, shaken hands with a mayor, a politician, and the only message I heard in unison from the eyes of the Moroccan women is  “I dream of a better future”.

Aside from these poetic interpretations of the Techwomen program, I have to say
that mentoring is a real rewarding experience because you give and receive
knowledge. The formula is simple: Mentees are technically savvy and mentors are
eager to share their tips from years of experience (win-win).

I am seeing a lot of beautiful female minds in the MENA countries and I am
hoping Techwomen program will be able to keep touching quite a few of them.
Thank you Techwomen program for touching my mind, I will never give up my

TechWomen delegation in Morocco


One thought on “Turning Dreams into Reality

  1. Fabi,
    What wonderful sentiments! Shukran for sharing them so eloquently and with such delight. You can really FEEL your excitement by just being a TechWomen mentor and being in Morocco. I was with you in spirit!!! Let the conversations continue….

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