TechWomen Mentee Launches Discount Coupon Website


On October, 24th 2011, TechWomen Mentee Loubna Lahmici launched the first coupon website in Algeria. Ms. Lahmici’s new site,, provides limited, high-value printable and mobile coupons for significant discounts to local consumers. By taking the first steps toward online commerce, Ms. Lahmici’s venture is transforming Internet shopping in Algeria.  In a country with over 8 million Internet users and more than 30 million mobile users, is changing Algerian consumer practices by introducing the Internet as a tool to save time and money.  Continue reading


Communities Change Precedent to Educate Girls

Camfed Home Page

Current Camfed campaign to provide school supplies to girls. Courtesy:

Today, the Institute of International Education West Coast Center was fortunate to host an intimate brown bag lunch with Ann Cotton, Founder and Executive Director of Camfed. As we shared about the work of TechWomen and Ann shared the work of Camfed, it was clear that the synergies between our programs, and our office, were prominent. Continue reading

Empowering Girls to Believe in Themselves

TechWomen Mentee on Video

We would like to influence or empower girls back home with the same mindset of believing in yourself and believing that you are capable of doing any change. I actually realized that any assumptions I have inside of my mind with regards to me not being able to do something, pursue an idea, is just something that I impose as a barrier on myself. They’re not true because I have not tried to actually execute my idea.

I’ve seen the mindset of change and believing in whatever idea you have no matter what, how small, that you believe that this idea is going to change the world, then you go for it.

This video was produced by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs in August 2011. The speaker is Ghada Bahig, a TechWomen participant from Egypt.

GHC: Collaboration and Change Are in the Air

Guest post by Heather RamseyTechWomen Mentees at Grace Hopper Celebration

I am waiting to board my (very) delayed plane in Portland and reflecting on yet another enriching and diverse TechWomen experience. It was so satisfying to spend time with the seven Mentees who joined TechWomen staff at Grace Hopper this week. We are grateful to Google, NetApp and Huawei for sponsoring the scholarships to bring the seven Mentees here, as well as to the US Department of State for its ongoing and generous support of the program. I only wish all 37 TechWomen had been able to be here with us! This will actually be the case in 2012 when all 42 Mentees will go from their Silicon Valley mentorships to Baltimore for Grace Hopper and then on to DC to meet with Secretary Clinton and other State Department officials! Continue reading

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Sheryl Sandberg's Keynote Address at GHCThe six TechWomen Change Agent Scholars were fortunate to be in the audience for Sheryl Sandberg’s keynote address this morning at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing. Sheryl spoke to an audience of technical women, but her message resonated for women in every field. We list our favorite bits of wisdom below. To watch the keynote, visit

“The number one driver of careers is growth, and there is no other industry in the world that is growing as quickly as tech.”

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Ask yourself and go do it.”

“Don’t leave before you leave. Best way to make room for yourself is to lean all the way in, until you have a real decision to make.”

“Dream big. We have an ambition gap…which results in an achievement gap.”

“Warren Buffet: One reason I was so successful was because I was competing with only half the population.”