TechWomen Change Agent Scholars

TechWomen Change Agents Honored at GHCTechWomen Change Agent Scholars were recognized onstage today at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing amidst thousands of talented technical women. Supportive TechWomen Mentors and representatives from partner companies also filled the audience. TechWomen Change Agent Scholars were applauded for their efforts to help expand opportunities for and impact the careers of girls and women in technology in their regions. The six TechWomen Mentees were selected from the 2011 TechWomen Alumae class to travel from the Middle East and North Africa to Portland, Oregon for the Grace Hopper Celebration. The women are recognized as up-and-coming leaders who will advance women’s participation in technology. For more information on each TechWomen Change Agent Scholar, please continue reading.

Maha Akkari, Lebanon

Ms. Akkari obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut (AUB). She is currently finishing her Master’s thesis in computer science at AUB. She interns at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and is designing their web portal. She plans to start TechGirls in Lebanon to engage school-age girls in technology and computer related learning and encourage them to pursue careers in technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Lamia Ben Hiba, Morocco

Ms. Ben Hiba graduated from the National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis (ENSIAS – Rabat). She is a Business Intelligence Software Engineer at the National Office for Drinking Water (ONEP). She is also pursuing a PHD using social network analysis to study collaborative networks within organizations. Ms. Ben Hiba plans to connect, empower and inspire girls and women in technology through a network and conferences.

Hania Gati, Algeria

Ms. Gati received her Computer Engineering degree from the University of Sciences and Techology Houari Boumediene. She is working toward a Master of Science degree on mobile/vehicular networks and intelligent transportation systems. She is also Lead Developer at LVSC Mediterraneé creating software solutions based on GPS technologies. She is working to empower technical women by creating a Women in Technology in Algeria (WITA) website.

Maysoun Ibrahim, Palestinian Territories

Ms. Ibrahim is Acting Director General of Information and Communications Technology at the office of the Palestinian President. Ms. Ibrahim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Al-Quds University and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Jordan. Along with four TechWomen partners, Ms. Ibrahim has established Professionals in Action, an NGO to empower young girls, inspire female undergraduates and motivate women entrepreneurs to pursue technology.

Mouna Lyoubi, Morocco

Ms. Lyoubi received a Bachelor’s degree from the University Mohammed V in Rabat and earned a Master’s degree in Energy Efficiency from the Mohammedia Engineering School of Rabat. She is an Energy Efficiency Engineer in the consulting firm FRAQUEMAR. Ms. Lyoubi also has worked as a high school science teacher. She is encouraging more women to choose technical fields by creating a network with other technical women in Morocco.

Reham Nasser, Egypt

Ms. Nasser is an IT Instructor at Nile Academy for Science at New Horizons. She has a degree in business administration from Mansoura University and has begun her MBA at Arab Acadamy for Banking and Financial Science. She helped found Nozom, an NGO that supports entrepreneurship. With four TechWomen partners, she has established Professions in Action, an NGO to empower young girls, inspire female undergraduates and motivate women entrepreneurs to pursue technology.


One thought on “TechWomen Change Agent Scholars

  1. Hey wonderful TechWomen, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is just so great. Am thinking about all of you from San Francisco, hoping you’re enjoying the conference, learning lots and having a great time in another fun US city! Make sure you go to Powell’s Books (one of my favorite bookstores in the country!) and the Chinese Classical tea gardens if you have time. Miss you all tons! Lots of love and support, Maryann

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