Meeting TechWomen at Grace Hopper

Guest post by Arezoo Miot

Heather and me at the Google photo booth!

Having fun at the Google photo booth at Grace Hopper. Heather Ramsey pictured on left, and that's me on the right!

I joined the TechWomen team in October as the new Program Officer and it has been an amazing experience. I’m lucky to work on a program that I believe in, doing work that I love. I get to use social media every day and strategize on communications plans, work with an amazing team to develop and implement our work plan, and day dream about September when the new cohort of technical women from the Middle East and North Africa will come to Silicon Valley to begin their project based mentorships.
But today was special. Because today was the day I finally met members of the TechWomen community. At Grace Hopper, I met our Change Agent Scholars, Mentees who are being recognized for their excellence in the field (more on this tomorrow!). I have met Mentors who invest a great deal of their time and energy in the TechWomen. And I met staff from ABI who have made the conference a very special event.
As Heather Ramsey, director of TechWomen, and I walked around the exhibit hall, we met representatives from Cisco, Oracle, and Facebook who were excited to hear that TechWomen were at Grace Hopper. Each of these companies worked with a Mentee on their mentorship. It was great to see how excited they were to see us, and to hear how eager they were to continue collaborating with us as we prepare for the next group of women.
All in all, I feel very lucky to work on such a powerful program. I’ve only been with TechWomen for a month, and I’ve only been at Grace Hopper for a couple hours, but it’s obvious this is a special and unique opportunity for all those involved.
Arezoo Miot is a Program Officer for the TechWomen program. Follow her on twitter @arezoomiot and her live tweets from Grace Hopper using hashtag GHC11.

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