TechWomen Mentees Participate in Arab Women Summit

Guest post by Mouna Lyoubi

TechWomen Mentees at Arab Women Summit

Mouna Lyoubi and Saida Bouhmidi at the Arab Women Summit in Rabat, Morocco

It was an honor to meet incredible and successful women giving from their time and discussing women’s issues in order to improve women’s situation in the world: education, professional careers, social and legal rights… What I appreciated even more was the involvement of men during this Summit who were sharing their opinions and ways to increase the presence of women by demonstrating their importance in our world’s evolution.

I met passionate women such as Mrs. Nezha Mouhafid who is a remarkable Moroccan woman thirsty for challenges and Mrs. Rachel Petero who is the founder and creator of GENVIVA which connects global organizations with genius female talent through fresh, new innovative LIFE WORKING solutions creating gender balance and equality in business and society overall.

I noticed that women were very interested in combining education and new technology in order to encourage young girls to pursue technical careers and also to introduce senior women to internet and social media. It has come to a point where a solid network such as Morocco Techwomen should step up and connect these women together and help them achieve their goals. On one hand we have ideas and volunteers that are thriving to empower women and on the other we have companies and organisms that are willing to fund these types of projects so why not connect them together?

It is the duty of every single successful woman to become the role model of younger girls and help at least one benefit from her experience. That is how we can build a stronger new generation of women.

Mouna Lyoubi, a 2011 TechWomen Mentee, participated in the Arab Women Summit from December 6th- 7th in Rabat, Morocco. Mouna is an Energy Efficiency Engineer and high school teacher in Rabat, Morocco.

The Arab Women Summit has been conceived as a tool for stimulating and supporting strong cooperation between women in the technology, political, and social sectors by providing a framework for development. The summit will provide a platform for diagnosing shared development challenges and catalyzing development solutions with the aim of driving increased gender equity. 

TechWomen Mentees at Arab Women Summit

TechWomen Mentees at Arab Women Summit


One thought on “TechWomen Mentees Participate in Arab Women Summit

  1. Bravo Mesdames !! vous avez enrichi ce sommet par le partage de votre expérience et les pertinentes interventions. Bonne continuation.

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