Application Deadline 3 Weeks Away! Some Last Minute Advice

Google Event -   TechWomen Mentee, Rayya Abu Ghosh, Speaking

TechWomen Mentees share their experience at event hosted by Google

The application deadline for the 2012 TechWomen program is about than three weeks away. As you put the finishing touches on your application, be sure to follow this advice. It will help ensure you have a competitive application for the selection committee to review!

Make sure your essays clearly answer the questions provided.
Take the time to think through your essays and write meaningful responses. Write integrative and comprehensive essays that clearly answer all of the questions asked. When you finish writing your essays, take a break. Then, go back, read each question, and see if your essay provides a sufficient response. You should have friends, colleagues, professors, or recommenders read your essays. Listen closely to their suggestions!

Ensure your recommendation letters are meaningful and are submitted on time.
Two letters of recommendation are required, and a third letter is optional. If your letters have not been submitted yet, visit the people you have asked to write your letters of recommendation and remind them of your request. We will also follow up with them via email, but remember that your letters must be submitted before the deadline in order for your application to be considered complete. Keep in mind that the letters must be written on letterhead and signed by your recommender.

Avoid spelling, grammatical, or syntax errors.
Prospective applicants must be proficient in English in order to be eligible in the TechWomen program. As such, do your best to avoid spelling or grammatical mistakes. Don’t worry… we understand that for most of you, English is not your native language. Just do your best and remember to use the spell check function on your computer and have multiple people proofread your essay!


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