Women Who Tech Telesummit

Women Who Tech

The 4th annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit took place on May 23rd. Image credit: Women in Tech infographic.

May 23rd marked the 4th annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit, featuring panels designed to “break down barriers and showcase the brilliant talents of women who tech.” The Women Who Tech Globally panel was moderated by Author and Trainer Beth Kanter and featured Director of Strategic Partnerships at IIESF Heather Ramsey, Communications and Marketing Associate at Akili Dada, Mary Patton Davis, and the Executive Director of Akili Dada, Dr. Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg, along with program participants from each organization. The event involved over 600 participants from across the nation, showcasing the remarkable power of technology to bring people together. Continue reading


The Power of Mentorship: Building Connections to Fuel Change

Larissa (right) is a Project Manager at Internet Systems Consortium. In 2011, Larissa served as a Mentor to 2011 TechWomen Mentee, Sanae (left) from Morocco.

When Larissa Shapiro first heard about the TechWomen program, the Arab Spring had already begun to rock the MENA region. A firm believer in the power of technology to change the world and peoples’ lives in positive ways, and inspired by the dynamic role of courageous women in these uprisings, Larissa saw TechWomen as a unique opportunity to contribute to the movement. “I feel such a strong draw toward using technology as a tool for promotion of democratic and open societies,” she explains, adding, “I think that’s what TechWomen is all about.” Continue reading