Letter to the TechGirls: Guest Blog Post

Guest post by Maysoun Ibrahim

Maysoun Ibrahim at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing

Maysoun Ibrahim (third from right) at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing. Maysoun won a TechWomen Change Agent Scholarship to return to the US for the conference.

Dear Techgirls,

I am happy to be given the opportunity to address you and share my thoughts with you. As a Techwomen 2011 alumna, I want you to know that your participation in this program will empower you in different ways and help you make the first few steps towards your future.

Being selected as TechGirls is an amazing achievement. It is a program that will not only build your technical skills, it will allow give an opportunity to expose US citizens to your culture and learn more about theirs.

We all know that being part of the technical field in the Arab region is challenging as it is still men dominated, but with your will, patience, and desire for change you will be able to change the future.

From experience, I can tell you “Never allow anyone to stop you from pursuing your dreams”. Should you decide to major in Technology, you will always have opponents and supporters. Have faith in yourselves and keep strong relations with your TechGirls family as it will help you grow.

Techwomen 2011 program was full of benefits. To summarize, the program:

  1. Exposed me to different means to empower and support women and girls in my region in the field of technology;
  2. Expanded my professional network;
  3. Expanded my circle of friends from the Arab region and the US;
  4. Provided me the opportunity to attend and participate in international technical conferences.

TechWomen 2011 opened my window to the future and TechGirls will for sure do the same to all of you. Go ahead TechGirls, we are waiting to hear your amazing stories!

Maysoun Ibrahim, Techwomen 2011 Alumna


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