Alumni Offer Words of Wisdom to TechGirls

Mentees at Department of State

Esra Said (pictured far left) with fellow TechWomen Alumni on the Fourth of July 2011 at the U.S. Department of State.

Twenty-five girls from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, and Yemen were selected to participate in the inaugural year of the TechGirls initiative. In honor of the first cohort, we asked our Alumni to offer a bit of advice to the TechGirls. Read on for words of wisdom from three 2011 TechWomen Alumni.

Esra Said:

I’m very excited about TechGirls, I believe this program will affect their personalities, way of thinking and dreaming for a long term. Within the TechWomen experience, I learned many things, and I would like offer each one of TechGirls the following piece of advice so they can benefit maximally from their stay in the US:

1. Do not be afraid to ask questions,
2. Take more risks in your life, and
3. Push yourself into the community to make your voice heard.

Also, within TechWomen I realized that the ability to listen to one another is a miracle; you have to design what you want to learn from others, then you can shape your future and be what you want to become! << Try to be a good listener >>

Maysoun Ibrahim & Sukaina Al-Nasrawi

Dear TechGirls ,

You are embarking on a wonderful lifetime experience, which you will only live once – but if you live it right then once would be enough! Live it right by learning, exposing your fellows and mentors to your culture and explore theirs, and most importantly building and maintaining new friendships from the Arab region and the US.

We believe that everything happens for a REASON and you are part of TechGirls for a REASON. You are part of TechGirls to soon become technical women role models in the Arab region. Dream Big and be Confident!


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