The Bay Area world as a classroom


TechWomen Emerging Leaders are making the Bay Area world their classroom by learning about professional and cultural practices in the United States.  However, the emerging leaders are not the only ones gaining experience and knowledge.  “I am learning more from them,” said one mentor who is a VP of a well-known technology company.

Cultural immersion has proven to be an effective method to achieve tolerance, understanding and remove preconceived notions about races and cultures. This week, the TechWomen Emerging Leaders continued their second week of project-based mentorships at host companies. Their days have been packed with meetings with high-level executives from numerous technology companies, and their evenings have been bustling with cultural activities.  Most importantly, through dialogue and conversation they have been able to both teach and learn.

On September 15, TechWomen participants were introduced to the sights and sounds of the Bay Area through a land and sea city tour. They were able to visit historical landmarks and scenery that most had only experienced through movies. Some of the women even elected to visit Alcatraz on their free time. On September 17, the TechWomen attended a San Francisco Giants Baseball game, where they absorbed the culture of American sporting events.

As the exchange of ideas continues between the emerging leaders and their mentors, everyone whom they touch through this experience creates a learning opportunity that makes the world a smaller place.


2 thoughts on “The Bay Area world as a classroom

  1. All the world is a big classrom… since we are here we must learn all wich is possible to learn and give our menors and all the persons we meet a real idea about who we are; what we can do all together and all our diffrent cultures; that make all of us an unbeatable unit on the technological, social and human …. a big thanks at all the techwomen staff, all the professional and cultural mentors and a big kiss at all the mentees

  2. There’s more to this Leader than meets the eye

    To Teach is to Learn from students
    To Mentor, apparently, is to be mentored by your Mentees

    what perfect exchange ….

    Asa first time observer of this program, I must say that there is so much effort put bt Mentors, bith Technical and Cultural, with their mentees…. a very commendable… they seem so selfless and willing to give all

    I was not aware what this program will offer… but reading what The Mentor said… I now have an incling

    Bless you all

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