A Day in the Life at Google

TechWomen at Google

Most of us living in the Bay Area have heard the buzz about the Google campus. What a cool, fun and even magical place to work (and play!). The buzz had also spread to the 41 TechWomen participants early on during their time in and around Silicon Valley. They were all looking forward to October 2nd – the day they would get to experience Google firsthand. Continue reading


TechWomen Mentees Reconnect at E-Mediat Networking Conference in Jordan

ImageLast month, E-Mediat hosted the “New Media for the Networked NGO” conference in Jordan to celebrate the conclusion of its 18-month program. Since its inception, E-Mediat has equipped over 220 NGOs in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia with the capacity and skills to use social media to effectively advance their missions. The conference highlighted the remarkable and inspiring work of the participant NGOs and provided them with the opportunity to share valuable insights they gained from the E-Mediat program. Continue reading