An Enriching Experience in Marrakech

Guest Post by Lexi Curtice

Association Afoulki for Women

Photo Credit: Denise Gammal

So far, the TechWomen delegation trip to Morocco is every bit as enriching and physically draining as the 5-week TechWomen program; that said, enriching is quite an understatement. For me, travel is synonymous with growth. Working at IIE (Institute of International Education) has been an invaluable learning experience. I am extremely fortunate to have had the chance to get to know 37 unique, intelligent, and generous TechWomen Mentees from the Middle East and North Africa over the period of their 5 week mentorship and to have traveled to Washington, DC with the group in July. I have learned more professionally and personally in the last 9 months than I ever thought possible. That being said, it has been an absolute honor to meet the Moroccan and Algerian Mentees in Morocco this week.

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