How to Apply for the TechWomen Program: Tips and Instructions


The TechWomen Emerging Leader application is now live!

This video provides detailed information regarding the TechWomen application process. Eligible candidates should watch the video in its entirety prior to applying for the TechWomen program.

The TechWomen Emerging Leader application deadline is February 22nd, 2013. For more information, please visit


The Power of Mentorship: Building Connections to Fuel Change

Larissa (right) is a Project Manager at Internet Systems Consortium. In 2011, Larissa served as a Mentor to 2011 TechWomen Mentee, Sanae (left) from Morocco.

When Larissa Shapiro first heard about the TechWomen program, the Arab Spring had already begun to rock the MENA region. A firm believer in the power of technology to change the world and peoples’ lives in positive ways, and inspired by the dynamic role of courageous women in these uprisings, Larissa saw TechWomen as a unique opportunity to contribute to the movement. “I feel such a strong draw toward using technology as a tool for promotion of democratic and open societies,” she explains, adding, “I think that’s what TechWomen is all about.” Continue reading

Meet 2011 Cultural Mentor, Fabiola Addamo

Fabiola AddamoFabiola Addamo, a 2011 Cultural Mentor, is profiled in the post below originally published in the Yahoo! Developer Network blog. It’s great insight into her experience at Yahoo! and working to empower women in technology.

Are you interested in mentoring women and passionate about bridging cultures together? Apply to be a TechWomen Mentor by May 15, 2012 to be included in the first round of Mentor application review. Applications received after May 15 will be considered on a rolling basis. Continue reading

Souvenirs Marocaines

Guest post by Heather Ramsey

Women in Tech Conferece

TechWomen Delegation at the Women in Technology Conference at Technopark, Casablanca

Just about a week ago was our Morocco Delegation’s Farewell Celebration and Henna Party at the Association Solidarité Féminine (ASF), a social enterprise in Casablanca that provides unwed mothers with job skills, employment opportunities in its spa and restaurant, and childcare while they are working. It was a perfect ending to a week of visits to organizations dedicated to the social and economic advancement of underserved women, including one supporting widows, Mouassat in Mohammedia, and several handicraft cooperatives. Continue reading

The Woman’s Fight

Guest Post by Jody Mahoney

Photo from TechWomen Trip to Washington, D.C.

I am travelling through Morocco with the TechWomen delegation. I’ve visited small villages where women are the predominant earners, struggling to find distribution channels for their work. We teach them ecommerce, packaging, marketing, competition. Unable to ask their own product questions—the village men are the voices we most often hear—these women genuinely want to move their products into broader distribution. We describe Etsy, PayPal, eBay, leave materials, links and business cards. But I keep thinking, why can’t they learn to develop iPhone or Droid apps? Teach them
Google’s app builder. The younger women are not afraid.

Continue reading